Welcome Mural

Welcome Mural


John Kuna


Welcome Mural


This mural painted on the bridge at Islington and Dundas W. welcomes people to the Village of Islington.

On the left see the little red school house and bell tower, watchmen from the Guelph Radial Line construction, Thomas Waterworth, Henry Hill and Mary Appleby’s mother’s father who lived at Montgomery’s Inn. Helen Tier (left) and Mary Appleby (right). In buggy (left) Alice Appleby (Mary’s father’s sister) (right) Mary nee Cavan, Mrs. John Appleby, Mary’s grandmother.

On the right side see a stucco-clad Montgomery’s Inn and Mary Appleby’s 3 cousins, the Pickerings. Photo taken in front of the Appleby house at 4872 Dundas. In the background right to left, Jubilee Hall, moved from a site across from Islington’s Burying Grounds, the Tiers house, and the roof line of Montgomery Inn in the distance.