Butterflies Are Free

Butterflies Are Free


John Kuna


Butterflies Are Free


Look onto the second floor atop 5090 Dundas St. W. to discover abstract patterns on the wings of butterflies that summer in southern Ontario.

This mural is the third in a series featuring the natural environment of the area.  With the nearby Fishing in Mimico Creek detailing local aquatic species and Flight of the Passenger Pigeons tracing the extinction of the once common bird, this mural completes a wildlife-themed trio.

The design reveals many different kinds of butterflies that frequent the Mimico Creek corridor showing surprisingly exotic colours and patterns. This mural makes a tapestry of patterns from eleven different butterfly species.

The butterflies represented in the mural include:

  1. Red admiral – Vanessa atalanta
  2. American painted lady – Vanessa virginiensis
  3. Great spangled fritillary – Speyeria cybele
  4. Red-spotted purple – Limenitis arthemis astyanax
  5. White admiral – Limenitis arthemis arthemis
  6. Eastern black swallowtail – Papilio polyxenes,
  7. Common buckeye  – Junonia coenia,
  8. Mourning cloak  – Nymphalis antiopa,
  9. Monarch –  Danaus plexippus
  10. Baltimore checkerspot – Euphydryas phaeton
  11. Zebra swallowtail – Protographium Marcellus