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Toronto's Village of Murals, a hidden gem in this exciting city!



Locals Rediscover Their Neighbourhood

We live in the neighbourhood and I work for an Etobicoke non-profit . I am  always looking to learn more about the vibrant community of Etobicoke and thank you Lola for your  informative and  entertaining tour. Many of the little tidbits I learned on tour I’ve been sharing with friends and colleagues.                           July, 2017     J. Leroux & family 

Ramblers Take a Mural Tour

Many of our members enjoyed the tour so much that they plan to return to Islington and bring their friends and family!  And the group enjoyed their pub lunch at St. James Gate, the village's Irish pub. The BIA is to be congratulated on a far sighted, and a highly effective approach to getting more people into the area to patronize Islington Village businesses.

 September, 2015 Brian Dixon,  Credit River Probus  Club

Daytrippers enjoy a self-guided mural tour 

We had a great time viewing the murals and finding out about the local history behind each one.  With the help of the mural map from your website we found our way around and managed to see all of the murals. Our facebook friends are very interested in our pictures we posted!  We stopped about 1 pm for a wonderful lunch at St James Gate Pub patio.  The staff and the food were very good. Thank you for all of the great info prior to our visit!  

May 2015  Peggy, Oshawa

Many thanks to our volunteer guide Ron!  History never looked so good!   

September 2014 Margaret Lyons, Happy Hoofers Hiking Group Toronto.

"En visite de Québec chez de la famille, nous avons grandement apprécié l'expérience qu'a été la visite des murales du Village de Islington. Les fresques et les textes qui les accompagnent nous invitent à replonger dans le Toronto des années 1800. Il est très facile d'y être son propre guide et de se laisser imprégner de l'histoire que Dundas Street a à offrir!"  

July 2014      Andrée-Anne Pelland, St-Nicolas (Québec)

An 1812 banner is now proudly displayed in my music room, so when the guys from work and myself get together to jam there will be many questions asked,  especially because they have driven past these banners in The Village of Islington so many times.  Thank you for the banner received in exchange for a donation to the Islington United Church’s Mabelle Food Bank.  Enjoy this  Bob Dylan classic...Knockin' on Heaven’s Door by our band 5 cents change.

Frank Lucchetta

Dear Evelyn (BIA Guide) Thank you so much for a great tour. Everyone loved it!  Even though many of us have lived in the area for most of our lives we were glad you were available to show us the murals, give us a history lesson and join us for tea!  Look at how we almost blend into the painting!     

October 19, 2013 Sarah (Rawson) Hastie

Our tour on May 15,2013 was a huge success. Everyone was so impressed with the murals and many exclaimed that they had driven Dundas on a regular basis over the past few years and missed many of the paintings. Evelyn our guide was very patient and gave a wonderful insight into historical Dundas St.  The Village Trattoria was hit, serving up a delicious meal and we are all committed to returning there in the future.            

Donna-Lee Waymann, Toronto