Pitch With Posture At Your Next Networking Event

Apr 24th 2019 @ 6:30 - Apr 24th 2019 @ 6:30

5048 Dundas St W
Etobicoke, ON


Register at Have you ever stepped into a networking event and had someone catch you off guard with a big smile and handshake? What do YOU do? What comes next for you? If you get it right, you generate interest. Opportunities. Potential clients. But if not… you can lose interest in a split second and have to work twice as hard to earn it back. Find out how to fine-tune your pitch, capture attention, and pique interest. You'll come out with a polished business pitch you can adjust for different audiences and begin using immediately. We'll cover: •the one rule of marketing engagement to rule them all (especially when pitching!) •the exact pitch structure that transforms strangers into collaborators •practicing your pitch in a safe, collaborative environment so you never feel like a deer in headlights again. Join us for a fun evening of business networking and expert tips from the co-founders of Authentic Networker, Toronto's fastest growing business community. This free seminar is sponsored by Lola Macanowicz Insurance & Financial Services - The Co-operators ABOUT MIA & ANDY TORR Mia and Andy are on a mission to reinvent modern networking. As co-founders of Authentic Networker™ they serve solopreneurs, service professionals, and sales teams who value business relationships and want to meet more people, book more sales appointments, and retain more clients. Their innovative training and coaching programs help their clients build powerful personal networks that consistently generate leads. Andy and Mia founded a local business networking group that attracted a membership of more than 1,000 entrepreneurs in less than 18 months. Their signature “Real Networking” format offers an easy way to convert authentic conversations into business connections, without the pressure of pitching or promoting. Their trainings have reached thousands of business owners in more than 30 cities internationally. Since 2003, Andy and Mia have used a story-driven approach to design powerful educational programs for international audiences and raised more than $100 million in funding for large organizations. Their clients include corporate teams, financial professionals, network marketers, coaches, and a wide range of small and independent business owners. ABOUT LOLA MACANOWICZ has been representing The Co-operators since 1985 as an insurance advisor and certified financial planner. She prides herself on providing the highest level of service and building strong, lasting relationships with all her clients. Lola is also extremely active in her community and as a veteran member of the board of directors for the Village of Islington BIA, Lola's leadership helped establish Toronto’s Village of Murals!