1917: Canada Comes of Age

May 1st 2018 @ Museum Hours - May 31st 2018 @ Museum Hours

4709 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Join us throughout May in the Community Room* of Montgomery's Inn to enjoy this free exhibit: '1917 - Canada Comes of Age' a story told in visual images. It was to be one of the most difficult and challenging years in Canada’s then young history. On the battlefields of Europe Canadians perished by the thousands while at home unrest and riots over conscription broke out. In Halifax one of the greatest maritime disasters destroyed most of the city. Women fought for the vote. The legendary Tom Thomson passed away under mysterious circumstances and the NHL was born. 50 years removed from Confederation and 50 years before the glorious summer of ’67 in Montreal, 1917 was the year of the crucible. It was a coming of age story. 1917 - Canada Comes of Age is a multi-city, multi-artist exhibition that examines this most critical year in our history. Curated by artist brothers Ross and Dave Rheaume, the show has had stops in Ottawa, Cornwall, Aurora, and Old Chelsea, Quebec. More than twenty paintings, all contributed by working professional artists, make up the exhibition. Participating Artists: Ross Rheaume Dave Rheaume** Ken Kirsch Jo Ellen Brydon Erin Whitten Crysdale Linda Finn Mike MacLean Peter Purdy Sue Miller S. Gordon Harwood Andrew King Lydia Pepin For more information, please visit their Facebook page: 1917 - Canada Comes of Age *the elevator is temporarily unavailable. If you require an accessible entrance please use the patio entrance along Dundas Street West **Curator Dave Rheaume will be speaking with the public Saturday, May 26th 11:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. Doors Open Toronto at Montgomery's Inn